About Us

Dvyne Design is a well established building design practice servicing Sydney, Australia.

Formed over 20 years ago Dvyne Design has thrived thanks to the talent and vision of our two highly skilled and innovative co-founders Peter Perras and Jack Tannous.

Dvyne Design’s extensive experience has enabled the company to develop a broad knowledge of various building design, whilst also acquiring specialist knowledge, mostly in residential building designs.

Whether it be a new home, block of units, dual occupancy or commercial project you can trust our team to deliver in every aspect.

At Dvyne Design we are committed to producing the best possible building design for any proposed site – always with your budget in mind.

We’re there with you all the way from start to finish even helping eliminate all the stress associated with planning permit requirements.

We are constantly up to date with the latest contemporary design trends and push the boundaries of commercial, residential and medium to high density development.